5 Pre-Job Search Questions for 2017 Graduates

Are you about to embark on graduation and find yourself in the middle of an intense job search? These 5 questions may help you evaluate how to be successful in your job search!

1. What would a search of Social Media sites reveal about you?
Most employers and recruiters today check out applicants on the Internet and Social Media sites and they say that close to 40 percent of the applicants they review are rejected, with Facebook and YouTube postings as the main reasons for rejection.

2. How do you find hidden job opportunities?
At least eighty percent of today’s jobs are never advertised. The more you know about and are connected to the areas you want to work in, the greater your chances of finding them. Ask your librarian to help you to compile a list of all the relevant websites, newsletters, blogs, trade journals and magazines, professional associations, upcoming trade shows and other events and monitor these consistently.

3. How can you create a good impression with employers?
By doing your homework and communicating with them in a professional manner. Your cover letter and resume should clearly demonstrate that you’ve thoroughly researched their web site, that you’re aware of some of the key issues related to their sector and that you believe you have something to offer that will help them.

4. How can you stand out in a positive way?
By being  creative. Forget the tired, but commonplace “Dear Sir, please find attached my resume…” approach. Your approach should be upbeat and marketing oriented but not scripted. If you’re responding to an ad, look for clues about issues and characteristics that are important to the employer and address them accordingly. Finally, most applicants use one tool only; the resume. There are other, more creative tools. Learn about them and use them.

5. How do you know if companies are hiring?
You don’t know. Never assume that if companies you’re interested in aren’t advertising, they’re not hiring. Many companies know from experience that trying to find new people by advertising is very ineffective, so they don’t do it. If you approach companies using all of the above tools and strategies and indicate that you’re open to part-time, temporary and contract work, you’ll find out that some of them are hiring.

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By Heidi Sawyer
Heidi Sawyer Associate Director of Career Development and College Relations Heidi Sawyer