4 Great Reasons to Attend a Career Fair

The below 4 reasons will explain how important it is to attend tomorrow’s All-Majors Career Fair being held from 1:30pm-4:30pm in the HUC Ballroom.

1. Identify What Employers Want
By attending a Career Fair, you get first-hand knowledge of what employers look for in potential hires through asking questions. Whether you are in the market for looking for a job or internship or just want to make sure your bases are covered for when that time comes; a career fair is vital to get those answers. Questions to an employer can range from, “What would make a candidate’s resume stand out?” (you get a sneak peek on how to build your resume) to “What’s your favorite part about working for X Company?” (people love to talk about themselves!!!) or “What experiences and key skills do you look for in a candidate?” (now you have the scoop on what experiences and skills to develop and make the most out of your time).

2. Networking Opportunity
Did you know networking is one of the best ways to find opportunities? Attending a career fair allows you to build a professional network. Build rapport with employers and make a strong first impression with that company. Make sure to acquire their business cards, follow-up with a thank you letter, and connect with them on LinkedIn to strengthen your network.

3. More Informed Decision-Making Regarding Your Career Path
By asking the questions mentioned in reason 1, you have given yourself more knowledge than you had before regarding your career path and not only can you now create a more concrete plan but continue to stay motivated on this journey!

4. May Lead to an Interview
Sometimes attending a career fair (with giving the right first impression and questions) may lead to an interview. Therefore, you always want to be prepared. Be sure to put on your best business professional attire, bring copies of your resume, smile, give a professional handshake, and know you have what it takes!

For more information about the All-Majors Career Fair, please refer to the Career Center website https://careercenter.utsa.edu/ or for questions, please call the Career Center office at (210) 458-4589.

By Sara Goede
Sara Goede Assistant Director of Career Development