Millennial Interns: 5 Ways They Can Help Grow Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

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Tuesday, Novenber 15 at 12:30pm (CST)

Millennials will soon define what it means to work, communicate, produce, and consume. In many ways, they already do.

Who are millennials and what characteristics are they known for? They are digitally literate, innovative, and flexible. They are diverse. In fact, many millennials are immigrants or children of immigrants. They are also ambitious, socially conscious, and eager to work.

Large companies such as Google, Apple, and 3M have developed outstanding internship programs to bring millennials on board. These companies recognize internships as a powerful recruitment tool, and have the infrastructure to nurture the internship experience. Small and mid-sized companies might not have the resources of an Amazon or Facebook, but they too can develop internship programs that will help them grow their business.

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By Avin Jordan
Avin Jordan Experiential Learning Program Coordinator Avin Jordan