15 things that can be left off your resume…

While there is no black-and-white, right-or-wrong template for your resume, these tips are very consistent with the feedback we receive from employers and hiring managers who screen job application materials. Check out this list of 15 Things You Should Take Off Your Resume for some great pointers to help enhance your current resume! A few notes:

#2, Objective: this is a preference. Most of the resumes I review do contain an objective, primarily for the younger UTSA student who doesn’t have as much content to include (an objective can be a great space-filler). But I do support including a Professional Summary, which can be in place of or in addition to the Objective.

#5, Mailing Address: again, a preference. There is no rule that it must be removed, but you do not have to include your address either. As long as you list your phone number and an (appropriate/professional) email address, the employer knows how to reach you.

#7, Anything Related to High School: again, the younger UTSA student with less experience may need to fill the white space on their resume and high school information may be the only way to accomplish this goal. On the other hand, upperclassmen should have enough other relevant college coursework, projects, student involvement and professional experience (part-time jobs, internships) where high school information is not needed.

By Kate Kastl
Kate Kastl Career Counselor-College of Engineering Kate Kastl