Interview Tips (Part 1)

Interview Tips

Part 1: Practice, Research and The CAR Method

Would you ever send a team to the field for a game without practicing first??  Even if you know they have the skills and possess the capability to succeed, we would probably agree that preparation and practice is key if you expect to win.  It is the same concept with an interview.  Even those individuals who are naturally eloquent and articulate their thoughts well in most settings can get stumped in an interview if they are not fully prepared.  Practicing your interview skills is an important part of the job search process.  It helps by instilling confidence in your ability to articulate your skills and experiences to an employer.  It also gives you the opportunity to select the best way to answer a question based on your previous experiences utilizing a particular skill.

Another key concept which helps you prepare for an interview is the research phase.  Researching the company and analyzing the job description gives you insight into the types of questions they may ask you during the interview.  You can build practice questions centered around the core competencies you find in the job description.  For example, if the position you are interviewing for is related to sales and marketing, you will likely receive questions related to interpersonal communication skills, verbal and written communication skills, motivation/drive/initiative and teamwork.  Once you have identified these key competencies, you can begin to think about situations where you have utilized these skills previously.

The CAR method will help you build your answer:
C= Circumstance

This framework helps you create a strong answer in which you are telling a story while also remaining concise and relevant.

Looking for a way to practice?  Start with InterviewStream (found in the Resources section of UTSA CareerEdge).  You can also set up an appointment with your Career Counselor through Handshake!

By Stefanie Cisneros
Stefanie Cisneros Career Counselor-Student Athletes Stefanie Cisneros