Career Assessments

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Want to learn more about yourself and potential career paths? Sokanu is an assessment that will help you identify your personality, needs, skills preferences, abilities preferences, work context, organizational culture, and interests. This interactive assessment allows you to customize your search and provides you with over 700 career matches. All freshmen will complete the Sokanu assessment as part of the Academic Inquiry Scholarship (AIS) course during their first year at UTSA.
Do what you are

Are you interested in learning more about your personality preferences and how they affect your decision-making and potential career paths? The Do What You Are assessment provides a statistically accurate representation of your personality type and then relates it to careers which may be a good fit for the individual.


Want to know more about how your interests can match a particular career field? The Strong Interest Inventory links your interests and preferences to various jobs, work settings, and careers. This assessment can be useful for students who may not know how what they enjoy doing relates to a career path.

MyPlan is a great tool for students as it consists of 4 different assessments in one: Personality, Interests, Values, and Skills. The results of the 4 assessments are combined and provide students with a Career Match Profile to identify potential majors and occupations.

By Heidi Sawyer
Heidi Sawyer Career Counselor-University College Heidi Sawyer