To the Parents of Roadrunner Masters and Ph.D. Students:

Hi Roadrunner Parents!!

We recognize that your student is pursuing a degree that less than 8% of students achieve, according to this article by the National Center for Educational Statistics! With this next part of their career journey, there are few things to remember:

  • Your student will have more responsibilities than previously, but typically more autonomy to get those tasks done. Graduate students are expected to plan well in advance and juggle research, papers, projects, readings, and other assignments well throughout the semester in order to progress in their degree plan. Know that the amount of work does increase dramatically from undergraduate to graduate levels, so encourage them in their ability to take their academics to a whole new level!
  • Your student should primarily focus on their academic studies, but secondarily, focus on their professional network. From careers in medicine to engineering and business to creative fields, it very much depends on who you know and who knows YOU. Your student and their work needs to be known in their field. Share this article with them for more details on that. Recommendations through their professional contacts can be key to success in transitioning into the workforce. This could be contacts in the community, faculty, employers, and us at the University Career Center (*we recommend!).
  • Encourage your students to take advantage of resources for them specifically at the University Career Center, The Graduate School (general graduate student office), and through the Tomas Rivera Center (dissertation support, etc.).
By Karen Ivy
Karen Ivy Assistant Director-Student Services